Why do you need a Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Does your home consistently feel damp? Do you or a family member suffer from sore throats or other allergy symptoms? Have pests invaded your home? These problems can all be caused by extreme moisture in the crawlspace, as well as, unsealed exterior access into the crawlspace. Crawl spaces are dark and damp, which provides a welcoming environment for pests and allows fungi, mold, mildew, and pests to thrive. When inspecting homes for pest infestations, rodent issues, or termite damage, the source is often found in the crawlspace and can be solved with an encapsulation of the entire crawlspace.


An encapsulated crawlspace comes with many benefits. The most important, improved air quality. Studies show that you share anywhere between 40%-60% of the air you breathe inside the home with the air in your crawlspace. When encapsulating the crawlspace you also have the potential to save money on your utility bill! The Advanced Energy studies have discovered a 22%-36% reduction in energy use from homes with a conditioned encapsulated crawlspace; read the study here. Having an encapsulated crawl space will reduce the humidity in your crawlspace to proper levels. This eliminates the ability for fungal growth, termite attraction, pest attraction & entrances, and more.


What is a Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Encapsulation of the Crawlspace is the process of completely sealing your entire crawlspace with a reinforced white polyurethane barrier. At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, LLC we also offer moisture and water control through an interior drainage solution (via Sump Pump/Drywell) and a De-Humidifier through our partner Aprilaire. The goal of an encapsulation is to reduce the moisture in your crawlspace from groundwater and external entry. All external air entries are sealed, allowing for the recirculating of clean non-humid air. The white polyurethane barrier also is ensured to not allow for bacterial and fungal growth, ensuring cleaner area and a safer environment under the home. A lasting benefit of crawlspace encapsulations, are the improved air quality you achieve inside the home. As you’ve learned, this is almost 40% of the air you breathe in the home! After your crawlspace is fully encapsulated, it also makes for a great clean storage area in addition to your attic space.

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Interested in an Inspection of your Crawlspace?

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